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Market Positioning is the act of deliberately defining how you are the best at something that a defined market cares a lot about. Create your Positioning Canvas today with our template!

Signs of Poor Positioning:

Businesses struggle when their market positioning is unclear or doesn’t align with customer expectations.

You Have to Fix Positioning

Customers need to be able to easily understand what your product is, why it’s special and why it matters to them.

Our Positioning Canvas uses a framework that keeps you dynamic and responsive to market changes. 

Market Positioning Framework By April Dunford


1. Gather Key Players

Assemble all essential stakeholders, including team members from marketing, sales, product development, and customer service. This diverse group will bring varied perspectives and insights critical for effective positioning.

2. Answer the 5 Positioning Questions

Address Dunford's five core positioning questions to clarify your product’s unique capabilities, target customer, market alternatives, key differentiators, and value messaging. This step ensures that everyone understands the competitive landscape and the product's unique place within it.

3. Complete the Positioning Canvas

Utilize the Positioning Canvas tool to visually map out your product's market position. This helps in aligning your team’s insights and solidifying the strategic direction by placing key elements such as customer segmentation, value proposition, and competitive differentiators into a structured format.

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Movement Maker is absolutely out of this world. I HIGHLY recommend this organization to anyone looking to increase web presence, enhance marketing, or launch a website. The Owens are personable, humble, reasonable, accessible...I can't say enough about them. Contact Movement Maker today!
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